PRFD 5 Results!

Hordes of giving people came out to Boar Cross'N on December 1st to bring food and donate cold hard cash through t-shirt sales and raffle participation.  Thanks to their efforts we amassed 556 pounds of food and $683 for North County Community Services.  That's over 3,100 meals which is pretty damn awesome.

Also, special thanks to Grubby's for hosting a fundraising night for PRFD.

All the bands played the best show of their lives (probably).  Check out pictures of them all rocking out, courtesy of our friend, Bill Rice!

Check out the pictures of HeartRot, Parade of Horribles, Caskitt, The Great Electric Quest, and Generator HERE!

Quest and Generator fans can see some video here as well!

Thank you again for your help everybody.  We couldn't possibly do any of this without you.