Summer 2018 PRFD Results!

The numbers are in and they are incredible!

So many individuals, families, friends, and businesses came together to reach this milestone.

A concert was held June 23rd at Midnight Jack Brewing Company, featuring 8 bands, raffles, vendors, food trucks, and tons of enthusiastic and giving people. Attendees brought in 1,050 pounds of food and raised over $2,700 that day.

Midnight Jack Brewing canned a promotional beer called “Recipe For Haze.” Portions of sales from the cans as well as a percentage of all sales for the day led to nearly $700 of additional donations.

Members at Vista Fit Body Boot Camp organized a food drive that brought in 460 pounds of food!

Employees at Realty Income raised 576 pounds of food!

A fundraiser at Grubby's raised $288.

In addition, many people donated directly online at

When all was said and done, The Summer 2018 Punk Rock Food Drive raised 2,086 pounds of food and $4,363 for the San Diego Food Bank! That comes out to over 23,000 meals!

We’ve been chasing that 20K goal for a while now and it’s so cool to finally get there. We are so grateful for all of you that came together to help hungry individuals and families in our community.

All of these achievements belong to you.

Thank you all for your help!