3rd Annual PRFD Totals

We are extremely fortunate to have friends and supporters like you.  Your kindness and attention made this year's Punk Rock Food Drive one of our greatest yet.

Many people gathered at Flying Elephant Pub on November 5th to give food directly benefiting North County Community Services, North County's Food Bank.  Others used our raffle as a way to donate money straight to the organization.  This year also saw an increase in online donations.  We were also glad to see individuals continuing to organize their own ""mini"" food drives and bringing those donations with them to the show.

Thanks to all of these efforts we were able to amass 1,050 pounds of food!  Between our raffle, direct donations, and t-shirt sales we collected over $1,200!  All of these contributions equate to nearly 4,500 meals for hungry people right here in North County!  These meals will bring much needed comfort to many this holiday season.

Thank you for coming out and providing this amazing gift.

Thank you also to our friends at Flying Elephant for providing a beautiful backdrop for our fundraising efforts.  Thanks as well to our new friends at BEOK, to the great bands that performed, and to all the businesses who donated to our raffle.  Each of these groups played an important role in making the whole event a success.

We look forward to your continued support as we head into 2012.

We can't thank you enough for your willingness to assist in this important endeavor.  Hunger is a persistent dilemma in our community and indeed, throughout the world.  But it does not need to be.  Your caring actions have demonstrated our ability to directly improve the lives of others.
Thank you.

With gratitude,
Chris Mazzola and Jason York